1000 kilometers

United States with circle showing range of 1000 kilometers from Salt Lake

1000 kilometers® provides a wide array of professional engineering consulting services centered on performance of electronic or mechanical components including reliability assessment for firms producing complex products of all length scales (from ICs to buildings). I generally begin with specifications,  drawings, a bill of material and physical hardware before progressing to testing plans and execution or creation of mathematical models. Analysis methods will include back-of-the envelope, sophisticated laboratory equipment and complex numerical methods and software, as best to solve your problem. In other words, work moves from simple to complex (using listening and fact finding), thus speeding the quality of engineering results and focusing our efforts on the value-add results and risk assessment you need.

The name “1000 kilometers” derives from the air travel distance from Salt Lake to major Western cities as shown on the map. Since an aircraft can travel over 1000 km/hr at Mach 1, support is only just over an hour away from these technology centers. I can be with you in the morning, if you phone right now.

Contact: dan@1000kilometers.com OR 801-574-0767


President of IEEE CPMT, Dr. W. Chen (http://www.cpmt.org), 2008 Chapter of the Year to 2007-2008 Chapter Chair Dr. Daniel (Dan) Donahoe, P.E.

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