Company Overview
1000 kilometers provides engineering services related to consumer, commercial, medical and military electronics products, especially services related to components and reliability.

CEO Message
In working reliability issues, Dan has often called the task of design “making 10,000 decisions”.  When one of these decisions is problematic, the marching order is to find the quickest remedy. In seeking a solution, Dan uses a “three votes” approach. The correct answer is the answer that can stand three independent tests.

Mission Statement
1000 kilometers focuses on product development needs, especially vexing product issues near (before and after) product release. This is the situation when an expert is needed to provide rapid resolution of problems that minimize impact to the bill of materials and manufacturing. The method is based on what might be called  “the little dab will do ya” approach; this is an approach using science to understand the cause of the shortcoming, quantifying the margin to failure and identifying how to get on the better side of physics and on to a robust product with small hardware changes. Due to breadth of experience, we will suggest other subject matter experts to you and bring their skills to bear on issues, if required. Our primary mission is to solve your problem with speed in a cost effective manner. We want you to call us again.

Company Background
Dr. Donahoe worked for major firms in Silicon Valley, Phoenix, and Houston. Salt Lake is a quiet island. If you can get away, please arrange a business visit and manage some great skiing, biking, hiking while we prepare a proposal or produce technical results for you to review before returning home. The Wasatch Mountain air provides an excellent setting for discussion and clear thinking. You will go back to your office with solid data and with professional confidence.

Technical Services
Technical services include factory audits, configuration control and quality mangement, reliability assessment, design reviews, resolution of component (connector, ceramic-electrolytic-film capacitors, integrated circuit, printed circuit boards, lead free solder, latches, plastic and metal housings, screws, fans, dampeners) failure investigation, resolution of rack mounted and data center issues (e.g., HVAC sizing and corrosion), use of mathematical modeling (including shock and vibration), fan and heat sink optimization (including thermal interface, TIM, optimization), air and water flow/fluid modeling, fan selection, tribology, reliability (fishbone diagram, reliability block diagrams, FMEA, fault trees, reliability estimation), and solar PV work. Other services include formal ongoing briefings and post facto debriefings to your staff on how we solved your problems to help you with lessons learned.

Work is performed either on a fixed price or on an hourly basis.  The hourly bill rate for Dr. (Dan) Donahoe is $195 per hour.  If external laboratories are used, there is no additional markup on lab charges. Likewise, there is no additional markup for travel beyond actually incurred costs. In all cases, an agreement will be provided in writing before work begins. No work will be started without your authorization.

Please contact Dr. Donahoe with questions or comments.
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