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Dr. Donahoe’s Technical Perspective on Consulting
His career is built on a set of skills from industrial experience. His career focused on thermal analysis at Lockheed, design of electronics for high shock loads at Motorola, design of ground systems at Ford Aerospace, avionics design at Teledyne, reliability work at Compaq Computer and review of new memory technologies at Iomega. He learned about engineering consulting at Exponent Failure Analysis Associates, and Dr. Donahoe brings a strong industrial perspective to consulting.

Working Relationship
At least one kickoff visit should be planned at the client’s facility. The work product, approach and schedule will be described in a written contract. Dr. Donahoe typically keeps the client up to date with progress by telephone conversations, preferably supported by real time Microsoft Power Point presentation featuring data collected. In this manner, data, analysis results, hypotheses and schedule progress are visible to the client and the client’s management, and work can be redirected on the fly as may be requested by the client. There will be no technical surprise, no billing surprise and no schedule surprise.

External Relationships
Today’s high technology business model relies upon outsourcing, and, due to the interdisciplinary nature of today’s product design and the complexity of modern tools, effective engineering consulting must use top experts. Due to Dr. Donahoe’s involvement with technical societies and academia, he knows leaders in many fields. Bringing the skills of experts, including laboratories and other skills such as fabrication, into the problem will provide the client the best value. Manufacturing firms own internal departments or large consultancies are less likely to engage the best and brightest outside experts. In all situations, the client's intellectual property and confidentiality are closely guarded.  

1000 kilometers is located in Bountiful, Utah. This is a convenient location close to the intersection of major interstate highways (I-80 and I-15), close to Salt Lake International Airport and close to downtown Salt Lake City.




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